You need to be able to identify industry trends to channelize your resources or invest accordingly. Supply chains are connected to many domains which makes understanding these trends all the more difficult. However, if you look closely to the logistics and supply chain companies in India and abroad have been subject to a few trends that shape up the industry. These trends might witness an exponential growth which it why it is essential to evaluate them. Here are 5 supply chain trends you need to know:

1. Software is Running the Show

The business world is majorly dependent and functions on Information Technology and pertaining software. Essentially, the majority of the transactions along with processes and operations are carried out on data and IT servers. Recently, a lot of products have been transitioned into services which have opened up a market entirely different from the previous one.


2. Equality is the Best Policy

Supply chains rest on a multitude of aspects; they ought not to lean towards a single one or a set of them. Research has shown that companies focusing majorly on, let’s say, waste disposal, find it hard to sustain themselves in the long run. The shift of focus leads to rigidity, therefore, eliminating the possibility of agile adaptations that are essential for any supply chain. Being open to change is essential to maintain a good business inflow.

3. Consumer is the King

In the age of information, the consumer knows that she has the ultimate power. Since there is no dearth of choice of goods, the same is saliently expected from service providers. Sustainable business is something that the consumers prefer which offers an advantage to the organizations. Businesses must ensure that their practices are eco-friendly, and any shortcoming is dealt with the highest form of distrust.


4. The Resource called Knowledge

It is essential for organizations to retain their employees as they majorly define the intellectual framework of the supply chains. One set of managerial policy is particularly hard to duplicate owing to the scale of the sector. However, these operations can be accordingly applied to yield a functional system. If one company does well, the other is bound to lose business. It is essential for firms to not let the information holders leave or replace them with better minds if and when they do.


5. In a relationship

Whether or not individuals agree with the influence of the companies on each other, it exists. However, the relationship cannot be classified as black or white; it is rather grey. The various changes in the market make them into competitors or partners. Companies must learn to identify these relationships with related firms and act accordingly.


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