Supply chain is the industry which has evolved at a great pace since 1990. And with such huge upsurge in e-logistics in the past decade; the industry is only going to grow bigger. The academics and the researchers on the topic have rated it as one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Supply chain overall is very complex as it includes multiple things that should be taken care of. The various topics associated with a complete cycle of a supply chain are as follows:

  • Logistics
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing and procurement
  • Production planning
  • Intra-and inter-organizational relationships
  • Performance measures

Supply chain management is a very complex process and people associated with its work under a great amount of pressure. Transport and logistics companies in India have found a way to manage this by appointing third party Logistics Company which works through the supply chain as a full-time operation.


Warehousing is the most important aspect of a supply chain as this part of the whole process helps the halt and also kick-start the process. Warehouses are the terminals of the junctions in the process of the supply chain. These places were not modernly equipped as they are now and would generally be used as cold storages for the food items for a long time. These places are also used as a place to store heavy items which would not find the place at the industry or anywhere in the town. With the evolution of process and new emerging technology in the arena of logistics, drastic changes have come in the scheming and building of a warehouse.

The process begins with the manufacturing company who produce the goods and they are sent to various warehouses across the country so as to get them delivered in most of the terrains. Some of the warehouses closer to the factories are also used for storage of raw materials which speeds up the process of production.

The next part is a bit tricky as this has to be managed by the third party logistics. The work starts with the management of the warehouse so as to use it to its optimal potential. The goods have to be put together so that the incoming items and outgoing delivery do not face any problem in their storage and movements. The warehouse has to be of the optimal size and there should be enough space and facilities for the locomotion of the heavy items as well.

The items should be convenient enough so as to bring them to the staging areas and label and package them. This is the part of work where the specialty is required in the numbering and labeling of items. Every label has to be unique and there should not be any confusion as this label helps in the tracking of the product or the shipment. The whole process is tedious but the supply chain companies have taken over the responsibility and have done great work in the field.

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