Climbing Himalayas is on every mountaineer’s bucket list and reaching those momentous heights has never been easy. Since the range goes beyond the plains of Northern India, one may either start their journey in the Himachal Pradesh, Rishikesh, or Uttarakhand, the gateway into the heart of the mountains. One such major tourist destination in the Himalayas in Uttarakhand. Popularly known as ‘the abode of Gods’ the place has amazing tourist enchantments and adventure activities. Uttarakhand needs no introduction as a hotspot holiday destination. Setting aside from the rest of the world is its hospitality, something not often seen in a journey even to the developed nations.

Best described as “Abode of gods” or “Devbhoomi” in Sanskrit, the land of Uttarakhand is one wonder of nature that can pique the interest of any adventure enthusiast. Prime destinations such as Ranikhet, Nainital, and Almora are worth staying places for people who have a penchant for solitude. All you have to do is book a homestay in Nainital and bid adieu to all that stress and loneliness you have been carrying in your heart for so long. The region also happens to be Foodie’s paradise as its diverse and unique local cuisine will satiate not only your tongue but also your soul. The popular mouth-watering savories are, Cooked lentil soup (Dal) served with steamed rice (Bhat), and steamed flour dumplings stuffed vegetables or chicken. With such rich biodiversity, a travel enthusiast will need to try harder for not holidaying in the Himalayas.

Staying at a homestay can instantly enrich your vacationing experience. This makes your vacation not just another regular visit to someplace, but you actually live and breathe the essence of that area. When you go back, you have a bag full of precious memories that you spent with the local people. Unlike hotels, homestays have a personal touch to them. Since they are run local homeowners you get plenty of individual attention during the entire stay. Spending some quality time with local people will help you blend into the cultural ethos of the place. Some hosts and guests bond so beautifully during vacations that they keep in touch afterward as well. Besides being economical, it gives you a chance to escape into the simplicity of local culture. The unique sports activities that you can indulge in will be the icing on the cake.

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