Gone are the days when businesses had all their services and products manufactured in-house. In this digital age where most of our decisions are determined by social-media and Google, outsourcing services and products remain the only option to keep up with the competition in the market. Social media management, SEO, SEM, business process management suites are some of the important services that business managers outsource.

More often than not, outsourcing is considered to be one the direct outcomes of globalization. When the various countries put down their quotas and got away the tax barriers they imposed on products and services coming from other countries, outsourcing became as common as it is today especially with electronic document management and other technological processes coming in.

But one must not forget, that though globalization was a major stir in the increase of products and services being outsourced, it dates back to many years ago.


Kings and rulers all around the world called in for various products and services from all over the world. This includes the performers, the artists to sing and dance in the court, or just people with a special skillet not available in their country whether in the field of medicine or any other related one.

As far as the products go, many kings were famous for outsourcing exotic animals and expensive jewels.

The biggest example of this is when the king of Uruk faced multiple hardships while he tried to acquire the famous stone lapis lazuli (blue diamond) from a region in Mesopotamia.

Now, of course, the idea of outsourcing has become much more organized. Companies now spread their operations globally in order to expand productivity.


This is mainly because these companies hold their operations and function in multiple countries and are called Multi-National companies.

So, for example, a company manufactures cars. The technology it would require would be outsourced from North Europe/US or Germany. For the spare parts, the go-to country would be China. And once the product is made and sold the after sale service is mostly provided by countries where there is cheap labor and the youth is fluent in English. No wonder India is one of the countries with the maximum number of call centers. Outsourcing Companies in Dubai to provide quality labor in call centers.

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