While the most reliable way of avoiding pregnancy is abstaining from sex, there are still a lot of options available which can prevent pregnancy. There are usually two types of contraceptive methods- barrier and hormonal. Barrier method works by preventing the sperm from reaching the egg. Hormonal method, on the other hand, works by stopping the release of eggs from the ovaries. While some of the barrier methods help to prevent STI’s as well, this is not so with hormonal methods. A doctor recommendation is always necessary before going for any type of contraception. Here are some of the most commonly used hormonal methods to avoid unplanned pregnancy:-

1. Contraceptive Pills:-

They are usually of two types- one which stops mensuration and the other which does not. This is one of the most common and simple methods of contraception used by women worldwide. There are many brands available and are highly effective if taken as prescribed. The two types of pills are as follows:-

  • The combined pill (containing progestin and estrogen):- These are the daily pills which need to be taken regularly as per the instructions. Then there are those pills in the pack which are devoid of any hormones. Moreover, a person will have regular periods while taking these pills.
  • The mini pill (containing only progestin):- This needs to be taken strictly at the same time every day without any break. You might not have regular scheduled periods if you take these pills.

2. Contraceptive Patches:-

A contraceptive patch is also a highly effective method to avoid unwanted pregnancy. It works by releasing synthetic estrogen and progestin directly into the skin. These patches can be applied on buttocks, back, upper arms and stomach as well. A person is supposed to wear these patches for consecutive three weeks. The patch is removed for one week to allow for menstrual periods. The only drawback is that your skin might get irritated.


3. Injection:-

A contraceptive shot also known as Depo Porvera shot contains progestin which keeps the eggs in the ovaries and also makes the cervical mucus a bit thicker. The Depo- Porvera shot is given every three months and is 90% effective if used correctly. It takes about 10 months, before you start conceiving again and for your fertility to return to normal.


4. NuvaRing:-

NuvaRing is highly effective when used correctly. Any fault in placing it or not replacing on time however can render it ineffective. The small plastic ring releases hormones and thickens the mucus lining to prevent pregnancy. The ring needs to be removed to allow for menstrual periods.


All of the above-mentioned methods are effective in avoiding birth control operation for female which is usually more complicated than these methods.

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