Engagement rings are the most valuable possessions you can gift and possess. Hence, keeping up to date is extremely important. Although some designs have been in trend since quite a long time, the design domination has gained popularity recently. From unique details to the best quality, everything matters equally when it comes to choosing the right engagement ring for your partner. Moreover, there is no dearth of options from custom designs to couple rings and a lot more. While choosing a ring which transcends all time can be quite a task, here are top popular trends you are definitely going to love-

1. Twisted Rings–

There are two types of twisted settings especially for engagement rings-

  • East-west setting
  • Upside-down engagement rings

Upside down rings are the ones in which the diamond is set from the bottom instead of middle of the band. Go for an asymmetrical diamond cut to add more charm and elegance to your engagement ring. East-west rings, on the other hand have horizontal settings with rectangular gem cuts. Marquise, emerald, oval, radiant cuts and rectangular cushion are some of the popular options you can consider when it comes to east-west engagement rings.


2. Oval Centerpieces-

Oval shapes are one of the most preferred choices when it comes choosing the best shape for engagement rings. Although it looks great on everyone, the oval shape especially plays a great role in elongating finger and perfect for those with thick or short fingers. Solitaires and side stones look absolutely amazing on these. The oval setting is sure to become a timeless classic you can never go wrong with.

3. Unique Band Shapes-

While one band which will always stay functional is the classic- circle band, there are a lot of modern band shapes which have come in trend. These are some of the most popular band shapes you can choose from-

  • Chevron Bands- The signature “V” shape is what differentiates the chevron band from the rest of the bands. The “V” can be either pointed upwards or downwards with a diamond in a pave setting.
  • Open Bands- Open bands not only look glamorous but are also comfortable to wear with an option of adjusting the size according to the size of your finger. Two stones are usually placed at each end of the band.
  • Square Bands- Although square bands reveal the sculptural designs of the 60s, the modern square bands have clean lines and attention to detail.

4. Magnificent Moissanite-

While timeless diamonds will always remain people’s favorite, Moissanite is becoming the second best alternative with great spark and shine. It not only has a flawless clarity but can also be styled into any shape or design. These are also more budget friendly.


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