A call center’s job is considered to be one of the most demanding and challenging jobs requiring a lot of patience and dedication. Irrespective of whether there are targets involved or not, call center employees are prone to experience stress and burnout owing to the nature of the job. This often results in call center attrition.

Burnout is basically a response to interpersonal and emotional stressors within the workplace that can result in job withdrawal, lower productivity, decreased job satisfaction, reduced commitment etc. While working for long in a high-demand environment is one of the foremost reasons, there are many others that can make a call centre agent perform poorly. Here are some of the main reasons leading to stress and burnout-

Increased Workload

Dealing with customers with different temperaments, handling high volumes of calls on an everyday basis, meeting targets, rigid call schedules and high-performance metrics are some of the things that call center jobs demand. All these, when combined together leave the agents in a state of emotional exhaustion. This workload can also lead to stress and burnout.


Poor Management

Although not always, but managers are often dominating and intimidating in nature. This can make the agents feel overpowered and devalued. Feelings of hostility develop if the management is too harsh or authoritative. In the case of increased jitters between the agents and managers, the former feels more trapped and stressed.

Insufficiency in Terms of Tools and Resources

Employees are bound to feel less productive in the absence of adequate staff, tools, supplies, and technologies. This leads to dissatisfaction. Hence, it is crucial for call centers to invest in efficient call center software such as data direct which would not only make their job easier but also enhance customer satisfaction.


Stringent Call Procedures and Policies

High-performance metrics and strict targets apart, even tough policies can lead to agent burnout. Getting constantly monitored can often make them feel frustrated and stressed. Being under close observation or supervision is another reason that might make the employees nervous and assume that they are not performing so well.


Lack of Rewards and Recognition

In the absence of adequate admiration and recognition, employees tend to feel neglected and demotivated. This leads to reduced morale. When there is no clear career path or learning involved, employees are more likely to feel burnt out and ultimately leave the company.


For an organization to become successful and be able to retain employees, be it Dubai call center or any other, it’s important to ensure that the work environment is productive. This is possible by enhancing employee satisfaction and reducing stress within the working environment.

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