Naturally, perfect eyebrows are usually hard to find and are every woman’s desire. We have all at some point in our life faced embarrassment or felt envy on seeing the perfectly shaped brows of the celebrities. As a result, we often end up buying expensive products to fill up our brow which again without a proper knowledge of technique regarding the application, makes our brows look horrible with visible lines. Sometimes achieving the desired look is not possible even by visiting the best salons in town due to our brows being too thin. Micro blading hence is the perfect solution which shapes and fills your brows in a most natural way. Here is what you can expect when you get your brows microblade:-

1. Less time required to get ready in the morning:-

Every woman follows an everyday makeup routine which makes them spend extra time in front of a mirror as compared to men. Making up brows and eyes is the most important aspect, no woman tends to ignore. Micro blading helps save a lot of time by enhancing the natural beauty of your brows without giving it a superficial look. Hence, you will be able to look naturally beautiful without any extra efforts.


2. No smudging or smearing off even after an exercise or some physical activity:-

If you are in the habit of using cosmetics to fill up your brows, it is quite common to face smudging issues. This is not the case with microblading implants which transfers pigment into the first three layers of your skin. Hence, it allows for a tension free life where you can be hitting the gym or sauna without worrying about your brows to be on point.

3. A painless procedure which lasts longer:-

The first thing which comes to one’s mind after hearing the term ‘microblading’ is that it is going to be a painful procedure. The reality, however, is totally opposite. Strong numbing ointments are applied to the area before starting the procedure which makes mircoblading virtually painless. Moreover, it can last up to 3 years.


4. New brows in just two hours:-

The best part about micro blading is that it takes only 2 hours to get perfect brows for the next three years. Spending two hours is much better an option than wasting time and money every day without getting the desired look.


Give your face a defined look by trying microblading in Delhi from Ayna Clinic which will not only beautify your appearance but will also boost up your confidence in the long run.

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